Well I posted an album of songs from the 1920's in my last post and now the obvious progression would be the next decade. So here's some Guy Lombardo from the 1930's. "Enjoy Yourself" as Guy would say. Because what was a more fun decade than the 1930's? Movies finally had color and sound so you could enjoy films like The Wizard of Oz and Walt Disney's animations in their full beauty, Steinbeck, Huxley, and Faulkner all had works that are now considered classics published, stamp collecting became hot, swing got hip, scotch tape was invented, the Nazi Party came to power, the Great Depression devastated almost the entire world, war was on everyone's mind as there were 5 of them raging on, and so on.
See? Fun. Now everyone enjoy yourself.

Download: Best of Guy Lombardo & His Canadians / Disc 1 / Disc 2

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