I probably won't be doing this blog anymore. I'm sure that's become quite obvious without my needing to say anything though and I'm sure that very little of you care. I am still sharing music on another site though. I've succumbed to Tumblr. Check out my page: Raise & Quell
The Tumblr page is a bit more simple than this blog was though. The idea is that I post a picture that doubles as a link to an mp3 uploaded onto Divshare, which you can then listen to. The pictures match up with the subject matter of the songs, some in quite an obvious fashion while others are more vague. The songs are somewhat random. They are all songs that I love and would like to share with the world but there is no rhyme or rhythm as to what is posted and when, at least not yet. For example, one page could have a techno track followed by a black metal song which is then followed by a synth pop classic and that is followed by a punk song. It's been fun so far.
Goodbye Blogspot!
I saw the 8-Bit Alliance Tour last night (Anamanaguchi, Sabrepulse, Henry Homesweet, Starscream) and while I enjoyed the big name acts like Anamanaetc and Sabrepulse, I found in Starscream exactly what I think is missing from most 8-Bit. There are only two members and they appear to be quite young and look and act like what I assume is the typical fan of chiptune (scrawny body, somewhat nerdy appearance and certain meek subtleties like constantly looking down while they play and dancing in awkward form), yet somehow this unassuming duo rocked my fucking block off. No shit.

I like most of what is going on with 8-Bit music just fine, but like I said, there is always something missing for me personally. I can listen to a few songs or I can listen to one musician's album and then I have to move on, only to revisit the genre a week or so later and usually for the same short amount of time. Anamanaguchi brought something new with two guitars, a bass and drums, giving you the full sound and look of a rock band that makes watching chiptune in person not a bit weird at all. Sabrepulse has the energy, charisma and charm to give off a party vibe and once again, makes watching "video game music" live not so strange. But both of them still don't really move me. I enjoy them but, well, they're no Starscream.

What Starscream brings to the table is the influence of certain styles of music not normally incorporated in 8-Bit, such as Post-Rock. Throw in some jazzy discord and tons of energy and cook at 328 degrees for 20 minutes and... voilà! Finally some 8-Bit that I don't just like, but I love!

I realize that, naturally, since I am an admittedly casual listener of this type of music, I could very well just simply not know about other groups that are making noise very similar to this and/or I could be jumping the gun by exclaiming my love for this particular group when in reality I don't actually know that much about them at all. But, remember, this is only a blog. Not just that, but this is a blog that is barely updated and that no one reads anyway. So...fuck it? I'll go ahead and say right now that Starscream are my favorite 8-Bit group. Let's see what you think of them.
Bon appétit!

Download: Starscream-Future, And It Doesn't Work + Remixes

While this EP is already available for free from 8bitpeoples, the version I've uploaded also includes remixes by the likes of Bit Shifter, Starpause, Covox and more.

Axes To The Sky were first described to me as a "grindcore" band and at the time that is exactly what I was into, so I gave them a shot. I soon learned to stop trusting the musical opinions of the friend who recommended them to me. ATTS don't play grindcore. They don't play any specific sub genre of metal actually. They are just a metal band, simple as that. Music with great riffs and tons of energy played by a group of long haired goofballs that like to drink, party and listen to metal. Sounds like three million other bands, right? Well, if it aint broke...
Now if you really wanna get down to it, Axes sound a lot like older thrash and heavier power metal, with definite influences from big names like Sabbath (one of the albums I'm posting has a Sabbath pun as the title) and Maiden. But let's not get all caught up in that bullshit. Stretch your neck muscles out, find the tightest pair of jeans you've got, crack open a can of cheap beer and get ready to headbang.

Download: Axes To The Sky-S/T
Download: Axes To The Sky-Always Say Die

Axes are from Lincoln, Nebraska by the way. I never expected Nebraska to have a decent metal scene when I lived there for about 10 months a few years ago, but I was pleasantly surprised. I knew about Wasteoid but there is much more than that, and a good bit of punk history as well.
I'll get into that with another post though.

Man, the Butthole Surfers are one of my favorite bands. I love the Butthole Surfers a lot. I don't want to get into this and come off like some little schoolgirl with a crush, so you just have to trust me. The Butthole Surfers are great and I probably wouldn't like you that much if you don't agree. And now, with that out of the way, here is a Butthole Surfers bootleg...

" A "best of the boots" collection put together by fans, it offers a mix of studio demos and live recordings, as well as a portion of a radio interview. The band liked the compilation enough that they reissued it through Trance Syndicate in 1995, also packaging a Butthole Surfers sticker along with it.

The two demos, "Butthole Surfer" and "Something," were recorded in 1983. Of the live tracks, four were taped in 1985, three in 1986, two in 1988, one each in 1989 and 1991, and three in 1993.

The interview was taped at New York, NY station WNYU on July 28, 1987. All members from that time period are present, including Gibby Haynes, Paul Leary, King Coffey, Teresa Nervosa, and Jeff Pinkus."

Also, a link of interest to anyone that loves the Buttholes as much as I do: Butthole Surfers Anal Obsession Blog

R.I.P. Roland S. Howard!
In honor of his life in music, here is my favorite work of his (aside from The Birthday Party of course). It is a collaboration with Lydia Lunch

Download: Lydia Lunch & Roland S. Howard-Shotgun Wedding

In this upload I've also included a live album that is the same songs but in different order and of course not recorded in a studio.