Ahh, remember the Roaring 20's? No, of course you don't. Do you even remember the week you spent on that era in your American History class in High School? Probably not and especially not if you were half as delinquent as I was at that age. But I can pretend thanks to the ease of access that the internet has granted us. Because of that I am able to find mp3s of songs that were originally released way back in a simpler time when it was not only acceptable to paint your face black and mock an entire race but you could make a career of it! But let's not dwell on that. It was a different time and people were much different. I included this part about blackface because many people who hear some Al Jolson songs like them, but ultimately give him the boot after reading up on his history. I'm not saying it's right or to ignore it, I'm just saying to simply listen to the music. Get lost in this compilation. Use it as something to listen in between everything you'd normally have on. Use one of the songs as something to make a mix more interesting. Use it as a pleasant escape from your modern life. Use it as background music. Use it because the most important thing about blogs like this one and the internet in general is that you can always find information on mostly anything and you can always find a testament to any period of time. Hardly anything can be forgotten anymore. It's so easy to document and research absolutely anything. Which is sort of what I'm doing with this post. So here's Al Jolson's Best Of compilation, a pleasant little sample of what was popular music in the 1920's.

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