nuclear noise, chaos and anarchy

Chaos Destroy are a noise-not-music-styled punk band from Maryland, but I bet you they wish they came from the Land of the Rising Sun. Obvious influences include Confuse and Gai, obvious sound is fuzzed out and screechy and obvious fashion is spiked hair that's longer than your mother's and jackets with so many patches that you can't even tell where one band starts and the other ends. Well, I like to think they look like this. I have no idea actually. They could very well just be some nerdy teenagers in polos recording in their bedrooms while the parents are away for the weekend. Or some hipsters taking the piss out of noise punk. You never know when you don't see pictures. Either way, the music is great (in that terrible kind of way). Fans of modern fuckery such as Chaos Channel will love this. For those of you unaware of this brand of sonic shit, distort your minds for a few minutes and give it a chance. MRR said this about one of their releases: "There is nothing beyond the punishment to form the tunes and it's just noise for noise sake. I just feel that there something missing here. It's just a bunch of banging and screaming." So, you know it's good.

Download the Nuclear Chaos Demo, Nuclear Anarchy Demo and Nuclear Noise Demo plus outtakes *** NEVER YOU MIND, don't download any of this because a member of Chaos Destroy sent me a message on Myspace saying that he doesn't want this up because some of these songs are going to be on a compilation. I figure it won't be the exact same versions since these are just "demos" but hey, whatever, his right. Anyway, sorry if anyone wants to download this. I know a few people have told me through that they loved this so if anyone else feels the same just ask them on Myspace what is available to buy. ***

Another demo (Music Not Noise) is available at the No Security blog

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