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Baby Buddha was permanently David Javelosa(Los Microwaves) and Charles Hornaday with other temporary and guest members like Los Microwave's Meg Brazill, Poshboy Record's Robbie Fields, and Kathy Peck who played on their first LP, Music For Teenage Sex. They played a not so straight forward type of Synth Pop that's less accessable than what the more popular synth driven pop acts(Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Human League, etc) were playing at the time. The release I'm going to post, Music For Teenage Sex (1981), is their most popular and well known record. Their second after the Stand By Your Man 45 (1980), Music For Teenage Sex includes 4 covers and 6 originals. Standout tracks: We Are Not, Robot Police, the previously mentioned Tammy Wynette cover, All Shook Up and All Night Long.

Music For Teenage Sex was followed by two tours, the Everyone Is My Age LP (1983) and a reformation in 2003. They supposedly have been and are going to continue to play the occasional show in and around Southern California with the original duo of David and Chris. David also has a lot of other endevours, including a solo project titled simply Javelosa that has recorded an album called "More Music For Teenage Sex" among many others. Check out his website for sample mp3s of what looks to be everything he's released so far:

Download: Baby Budda-Music For Teenage Sex

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