I'm sure by now most people who would actually enjoy listening to Jandek are aware of him. But some of his most strange and daring work is often overlooked. Which is interesting because the hype about him comes from his being such a mysterious "outsider" musician, yet some of the most isolating albums he's recorded are usually passed on. None of his work is very accessible, but this Spoken Word Trilogy that I've uploaded for this post is even more so inaccessible, being unaccompanied by any instruments at all, not even a few lazy guitar strums. Even the most sincere Jandek fan usually dismisses these albums or hasn't even bothered to give them time at all, and it's understandable. Some songs are half an hour long. Some seem nonsensical, stupid even. Some seem so personal and bare that it makes the listener feel awkward. But I think any Jandek fan should at least listen to these once to get a better understanding of the man himself. Go into them with an open mind and some free time, as these albums are a lot more poetic and also difficult to digest. This is Jandek stripped.

Download: Jandek-Put My Dream On This Planet

Download: Jandek-This Narrow Road

Download: Jandek-Worthless Recluse

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  1. Good post, and I happen to like some of the longer Jandek tracks. I will definitly be posting some of his forgotten stuff (as if any of it is widely known).