Ramones covers by three Japanese girls. Very energetic, One Two Schree Fo!

27 Ramones covers en espanol! Tu quieres bailar?!

Minor Threat covers with a Satanic twist, featuring members of Nunslaughter, Midnight, Destructor, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, ETC. I aint gotta worship!!!

Minor Threat covers done in an American Folky/Country Western style. Guity of Being White definitely sounds racist in this accent...

The Misfats play Misfits covers but change the lyrics so that all the songs are about food. Mommy...can I go out and...grill tonight!

Another all girl cover band, this one does Misfits songs though.

Get it? Gorilla Biscuits...Gayrilla Biscuits...cock on the cover...do I really even need to explain these anymore? Suck it.

Yes they really called themselves Youth of Togay. Bust It!

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