"Realicide, the collective band and publications label of the same name, is our endorsement of anti-hypothetical change, anti-narcissistic agenda, progressive anti-escapism, art as a catalyst for dialogue and interaction, art as a byproduct of a life lived, ethically sober compassion and self-sacrifice as an expression of love, against the hell of human institutions and wants."

Sonically, Realicide is a mix between genres like hardcore, punk, gabber and speedcore. This is an updated version of what those anarcho punk bands like Flux of Pink Indians were doing. They're playing hardcore/punk the way it should be played in the 2000's. What I mean by that is that Realicide does it's own thing, sounds original, still loud, pissed, fast and DIY, but fresh and interesting as opposed to yet another band of drunk 20 somethings in Government Warning t shirts acting "crazy" for 15 minutes, AKA the break from drinking PBR at some asshole's house party. This isn't background music and you can't describe Realicide by saying it sounds like a "mix between band A and band B with a little band C thrown in". Keep an open mind and remember that all art needs to progress otherwise all you'll have left are stale copies of copies with different names but the same definition.

Realicide just released a full length official album after about 5 years of a bunch of CDrs, cassettes and online releases. It's called Resisting the Viral Self and I'd suggest you buy it before they run out of copies (500 records, 1,000 cds). I'm going to post a few previous releases as sort of an introduction to the music of Realicide. If you like any of it you'll probably love Resisting The Viral Self.

First, Realicide posted about 9 releases that you can download straight from their website. Go to this page (http://www.geocities.com/realicide/1crew) and scroll down til you see a bunch of yellow text.

Now my uploads...

Download: a few miscellaneous songs
Download: Realicide-Which Is Your War
Download: Realicide-Go! Go! Immolation! EP
Download: Realicide-Outside My Self
Download: Realicide-My Face Is Just A Cast of Frozen Cum and Blood
Download: Realicide/Ctrl+Alt+Del & IDX1274 live on KDVS

One of these is missing the last track and another's last track is "incomplete". I probably got them from Soulseek. Sorry. Normally I wouldn't post an album if even one song is messed up but I really want to have the albums that are a little messed up in this post.

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