Do you like PUNK? HARDCORE? Do you like ZOMBIES? GORE? Do you hate THE MAN? THE SYSTEM? ETC? Of course you do you little shitsucker. Gobble this link up and chew on these frantic sounds for about 25 minutes and if it isn't all that I promised you and more...if you don't like it...then I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you can't feel the way I do when I listen to this album, no matter what time of day, what time of year, what mood I'm in, where my life is at or where it's headed. I still get psyched up, tingly, a little nervous, and there's some kind of twitching going on in my ribs that I can't quite explain. I'll probably have to get that checked out but that's another story all together.
Crimson Spectre were (unfortunately [very unfortunately] no longer "are") a 5 piece hardcore/thrash metal/horrorpunk hybrid. But don't get me wrong, when I say "horrorpunk" I'm not talking about whatever you're most likely thinking of. Horror punk in the sense that they played punk rock with a big horror movie influence, but not in the silly sense where all their songs are actually about horror movies that they liked (they aren't THAT metal), although they did wear facepaint during their shows. I think they explained it best with this: "A Ghoul-Punk aesthetic is one strategy among many a band might employ to draw attention to this collective political nightmare and to articulate it in a highly stylized and accesible might also be the most fun."
What's that? You saw the word "political"? Yeah, sorry, I've been leading you on to think you were getting a more thrashier version of the Misfits or something, huh? My bad, you might actually have to learn a little bit or pay attention to the lyrics or something. Crimson Spectre's main trip was that they were either self proclaimed communists or just very influenced by communist theory, I can't remember if they actually pegged themselves or not. This was extremely badass to me at the age of 15 when I sent out my lunch money for their album and got back a CD and a bunch of commie themed propaganda like pamphlets and posters. I didn't flinch about their anti-Bush stance since every band I knew about back then was anti-Bush, but none of the bands I liked were pro-Lenin! Talk about new and exciting.
What you are going to get with Crimson Spectre is fast music, high energy, screamed vocals, tons of energy, very angry, very smart, definetely not your run-of-the-mill punk.
Download: Crimson Spectre-Crimson Spectre

Also: Some site actually has Crimson Spectre lyrics on it! I was going to type them all out but now I don't have to. Great! Click this link to figure out what all the screaming is about.

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