If you haven't been initiated into the BBQ CHICKENS club yet then you are missing out for sure! Loud, fast, punk, hardcore, silly, funny, crazy, Japanese, what more could you want?! This doesn't sound like your typical hardcore punk though. They play a little tighter, production is a little cleaner and they seem to be more about fucking around and goofing off than being angry (there is an anti cop song though!). You can get into it. Trust me. I'm posting their three full length albums.

I'm not really sure why this is called Indie Rock Strikes Back as they are definitely not what you think of when you hear the term "Indie Rock". But hey, whatever! The album is so damn good that you won't care that it's called Indie Rock Strikes Back or that you are spending your time listening to songs about Big Macs and popcorn.

Download: BBQ CHICKENS-Indie Rock Strikes Back

BBQ's second album. If you like the last album, you'll like this one too. Same style, different songs. Apparently they were on an episode of the show Jackass. Remember that show? I guess they either wrote a song about it or for it because one of the songs on here is called "Jackass" and I can make out that he's saying things like "Johnny Knoxville" and "MTV".

Download: BBQ CHICKENS-Good Bye To Your Punk Rock

Their third and last album (so far). This one is all covers. Bonded By Blood followed by Pretty Woman? Come on, you know that's awesome. If The Kids Are United followed by I Like It That Way? You're excited.

Download: BBQ CHICKENS-Fine Songs Playing Sucks

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