dry heat, part II

In my last post I mentioned two bands called America's Hardcore and Public Enemy. Someone promptly messaged me through this thing and asked me if I could upload some of their stuff or point them in the direction to buy their records or CD reissues. Unfortunately you can't really find their records and they weren't popular enough to get the reissue treatment. Ebay, I guess. Ebay is usually the answer for this kinda thing. If anyone comes across this blog and knows more info about America's Hardcore, Public Enemy or any other obscure AZ based Punk/Hardcore groups, please contact me! Because right now I don't know shit aside from some torn up flyers, a few pictures and what my ears tell me when I listen to the mp3s. I don't even know for sure how I got these mp3s. I just mentioned to some guy I used to talk to and only know from the internet that I was looking for this shit and he mentioned it to some hardcore nerd from like Belgium or some place like that and a week later I had links to download these bands. Cool. Anyway, here you go...

I hardly know anything about this band, really, sorry. They had a silly name and I'm not even sure if the release posted below is a for real album or if it's even titled Our Time Is Now. I posted a buncha pictures of them on their last.fm page though.

Download: America's Hardcore-Our Time Is Now
Download: America's Hardcore-Live Demo

Once again, not much info here. Obviously this is not the hip hop group and no, this is not the sort of well known white power group who also share the name (funny how that works out...black power, white power, same name, heh). These are just some guys from Tuscon playing punk rock.

Download: Public Enemy-Demo

If you liked the pictures I posted or just want to know more about the visual history of Arizona Punk/Hardcore, a good site(and the site where I got those pictures from) is Shaved Neck. It's mostly flyers and pictures but they even have up an mp3 page with a live Husker Du show, Black Flag show and an interview with the guy from Culturcide, among other things. Also check out the links page! Click the picture below to access it.

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  1. Hi there, nice pic. I never saw this one of A.HC. I was the last bassist of the group before Drew left to join Crucifix. I later formed Naturecore out of the ashes. No, there was never an official release of material, only the few songs that were on Mystic. We were slated to record a split ep with Stalag 13, but Drew left and the rest is history! ciao, ren (sazisima@yahoo.com)