I probably won't be doing this blog anymore. I'm sure that's become quite obvious without my needing to say anything though and I'm sure that very little of you care. I am still sharing music on another site though. I've succumbed to Tumblr. Check out my page: Raise & Quell
The Tumblr page is a bit more simple than this blog was though. The idea is that I post a picture that doubles as a link to an mp3 uploaded onto Divshare, which you can then listen to. The pictures match up with the subject matter of the songs, some in quite an obvious fashion while others are more vague. The songs are somewhat random. They are all songs that I love and would like to share with the world but there is no rhyme or rhythm as to what is posted and when, at least not yet. For example, one page could have a techno track followed by a black metal song which is then followed by a synth pop classic and that is followed by a punk song. It's been fun so far.
Goodbye Blogspot!


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