Sort of in the same vein as Jah Division, this post is about a project called Dubmood that makes reggae and dub influenced chiptune music. Well that's not all he does and he's actually quite popular and influential. Chiptune/8bit/etc is quite popular these days but this swede has been knockin it out since '96, back when you would have heard the phrase "chiptune" and probably thought about these dudes:

But instead of squeeky furry creatures being adorable, he looks like this:

And sounds like this: Dubmood-Atari-Ska L'Attak

If you are a fan of Dub/Reggae/Ska/Etc but not really Chiptune, he does a cover of Pressure Drop. If you are a fan of 8bit but not really anything Jamaiican, Goto80 helps out on the one of the tracks. If you don't care about any of this, download it anyway, it's short, sweet and will have you chair dancing, at the least.

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